A6: Twist-to-Lock KFC (Aluminium glass) door lock --black
A6: Twist-to-Lock KFC (Aluminium glass) door lock --black
A6: Twist-to-Lock KFC (Aluminium glass) door lock --black
A6: Twist-to-Lock KFC (Aluminium glass) door lock --black
A6: Twist-to-Lock KFC (Aluminium glass) door lock --black

A6: Twist-to-Lock KFC (Aluminium glass) door lock --black

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 AIsecure  Aluminium door lock  Black



AIsecure: Twist-to-Lock your storefront door lock keyless

1:To operate,simply twist the knob to lock the storefront door. No need to insert a key when locking the door,Never have to give your keys away to others. 

 2: Three unique features:

1:Twist-to-Lock aluminium door lock keyless.Never need to go back to lock the door up after you left earlier to pick up kids or for a meeting or party.Just remind the employee a simple twist to lock the door without any keys.

Keys mainly for unlocking purpose(also have locking function).

2:Featured with an Anti-Mislock Button on exterior knob which can prevent any lockout by unintentional twisting, yet it still enables keys and the interior knob to work normally.


3:Featured with a unique designed Dead-Button on interior knob which works like a Child Safety Lock : It can keep the door either locked or unlocked status as you want by pushing down the DEAD-BUTTON , No need an extra child safety lock which drilling more screw-holes or leaving glues on your door;

4: Only fit for AIsecure mortise deadbolt: AIsecure’s lock only can be fitted with AIsecure’s mortise, it can’t be applied on other brands' ordinary mortise. The same meaning: AIsecure’s mortise only can be fitted with AIsecure’s Lock , it can’t  be applied on other brands' ordinary cylinders.

5: Keyed alike combo notice A:  AIsecure Twist-to-Lock lock is with unique design with Twist-to-Lock function. As one part of Twist-to-Lock accessories, the cylinder can’t be replaced

  The combo in our store only available with backset 23.5mm, if you need a combo with different size of backset or combo with different bolt, you need to buy AIsecure mortise and AIsecure cylinder separately.

5: Keyed alike combo notice B: Twist-to-Lock function can’t be applied to a double-cylinder set, so if you need a double-cylinder set for your door and keyed alike with AIsecure Twist-to-Lock cylinder, you will need to buy from our combo sku which includes ordinary cylinder sets keyed alike with AIsecure Twist-to-Lock cylinder(VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE: please read the keyed alike combo picture below carefully).

 6:  Best Quality Anti-saw of 8-ply laminated steel bolt which is heavy duty with electroplating finish brings better security for your store.


7: Easy Installation: : The installation of AIsecure mortise deadbolt is super easy, just pay attention to and sort out the left-handed or right-handed door(please follow the video and instruction below).

 8:AIsecure’s storefront door lock fit for your door thickness: from 44.5mm~ 50.8 mm


1: Twist-to-lock without a key,can I twist to unlock without key?

   You can twist to lock without a key, but if you want to unlock you can only use your own key 

2: Can the AIsecure Twist-to-lock cylinder used with my mortise on my door?

No,AIsecure Twist-to-lock cylinder only fit for AIsecure mortise.

3: can I use my cylinders on my door fit for your mortise?

     No, this mortise only fit for AIsecure Twist-to-Lock lock cylinder, it can’t be used with other brand ordinary cylinder like the one you are using.

4:Do you have double-cylinder lock of your twist-to-lock?

Twist-to-Lock function can’t be applied to a double-cylinder set,

5: If I want to use your Twist-to-lock but keyed alike with my double-cylinder lock ,how can I do?

   If you need a double-cylinder set but keyed alike with AIsecure Twist-to-Lock cylinder, you could buy the other AIsecure cylinder combo from our store , which include an ordinary cylinder set keyed alike with AIsecure Twist-to-Lock cylinder (VERY VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE: please read the picture bellow for details).

6:  If I don’t have a key, can I unlock the lock?

   No, the only way to unlock the AIsecure storefront door lock without a key or asking a locksmith.

7: Will the knob get stuck?  

No. The AIsecure is made of zenic abloy and the best bearing inside to ensure that the knob works smoothly forever.

8: If I have installed one of your lock but I want another lock which can be unlock by the same key that I currently have. How can I buy additional locks that will be compatible with my existing locks?

    You need to send to us one of keys that on your hand. We will reproduce cylinders and keys based on the key you sent us.

9: I don’t know if my door is left or right throw. What if I cant install it? How can I do?

   Our locks can be installed in both left and right throw directions , you just need to turning over the spindle communicator when you install it, you could watch the installation video carefully

11: Have you passed UL certificate ?

   All materials and related function has been reached the UL standard 3 and we are trying to make our products meet higher standard. In the same time, we are preparing to apply for the UL certificate with higher standard in once.

12one easy twist for everyone even if your kids whatever in or out of the house.

This is deadbolt keyless locking that like the knob lock locking keyless by press the button invented by SCHLAGE in 1919, knob lock locking keyless by press button,our deadbolt locking keyless by twist, if you already get used to the knob lock, I can sure you will like our product.


13: Is this lock harder to pick?

 The same as Schlage standard

 More questions please send email to us: support@easilok.com

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